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Returns and Exchanges

Returning a Purchase

If something you ordered isn’t exactly right, no worries. It’s easy to return it. Here’s what you do:
Ship-to-Store Orders

You’ll need to send it back to the address provided by support, as long as it is within 30 days from receipt of order. If that location isn’t convenient for you, or you can’t get there within 30 days, please Contact Us.

You’ll need to send the following things to Kuplo.com physical address:

The item(s) in unused and like-new condition with original packaging, parts, accessories and all paperwork.
A copy of your order confirmation. If you can’t find it, no problem. A Kuplo.com Associate can find your information using your name, order number or email address.
A government issued form of identification.
Any questions you may want to ask a Hardwarian about upcoming projects.
Your refund, including the applicable sales tax, will be issued in the same form of payment that was originally used for the purchase: credit/debit card or PayPal account. Gift items will also be credited to the original credit/debit card or PayPal account.
Ship-to-Home Orders

You’ll need to return item(s) to our warehouse within 30 days of the delivery date. Your order came with a pre-printed UPS shipping label just in case. It is important that you return the merchandise to our warehouse.

Here’s what you need to do:

Make sure the return item(s) are in unused and like-new condition with original packaging, parts, accessories and all the paperwork.
Email us at [email protected] to let us know you are returning the product. Please have your order number (located on your packing slip) and give it to the Customer Service representative and provide the reason for your return. An RMA # will be given to you.
Write the RMA (Return Material Authorization) number in two places: On the packing slip (there is a designated spot for the RMA #)
On the return UPS label provided to you (there is a designated spot for the RMA #)
Box the item securely. Include the packing slip with RMA number. Tape the pre-printed/pre-paid UPS return-shipping label (included with your purchase) to the outside of the box. Follow the instructions provided by Customer Service regarding how the item should be shipped back.
Once we get your item(s) back, we will process your refund including applicable sales taxes. Once processed, please allow two weeks to see the refund on your original form of payment. Refunds are issued in the same form of payment originally used for your purchase: Credit/debit card or PayPal account. Gift items will also be credited to the original credit/debit card or PayPal account.

A quick word about refunding shipping charges:

If we sent you the wrong item, the item’s description/picture was incorrect or if the item arrived damaged or defective, we will cover all shipping charges.
If you are returning an item for any reason other than the ones stated above, all shipping charges will be billed to you and are not refundable.
Power Equipment Return Policy

Due to safety hazards, items that use gasoline, kerosene, or other flammable liquids may be returned to your Kuplo.com store within 30 days of the date of purchase, with original receipt, provided that it is in like-new condition. Equipment MAY NOT be returned once gas or oil has been put in it, even if the liquid has been drained out the equipment.

If your Power Equipment (including lawn mowers, snow throwers, generators, leaf blowers, chain saws, some air compressors, pressure washers and other items that use flammable liquids) is defective or not functioning properly, the service and warranty issues will be handled through the manufacturer’s Authorized Service Center. After 30 days, item may be sent out for repair at the customer’s expense, unless covered under warranty. Be advised that appropriate maintenance and use of your equipment is required to ensure that manufacturer’s warranty is not voided.

Are You Missing an Item?

Check the packing slip that was included with your shipment. Items in your order may have been sent in more than one shipment. If this is the case, don’t worry, we won’t charge you any additional shipping fees beyond those you originally authorized. Visit My Account for estimated delivery dates for your order. If you did not establish an account with us, please check your Shipping Confirmation email for estimated delivery dates.
Special Note About Alaska & Hawaii

Kuplo.com return policies vary for stores in Alaska & Hawaii. Please contact customer support at [email protected] for more information on their policy.


To return or exchange an item, visit your account page. If returns / exchanges are permitted for your items, click “Return or Exchange” on the order you would like to return.

If the link is unavailable, contact Kuplo.com Customer Service at [email protected].

Returns must be approved by the seller and a descriptive reason for return will help the seller process your return or exchange request.

Specify a reason for your return or exchange and click Send Request. If exchanges are unavailable, you will not be able to select a replacement item.

If your request is approved by the seller, a confirmation and return address will be sent to your account email address.

Ensure your items are securely packaged and in their original condition before returning. Return shipping labels may incur a charge depending on the seller’s policy.

If your request is rejected by the seller, a reason will be sent to your account email address. If you are unable to resolve a dispute, contact Kuplo.com Customer Support at [email protected].

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