PS178 The car starts the emergency power supply



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PS178 The car starts the emergency power supply.It is suitable for starting power supply for weak current charging of motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, yachts, ships, etc., SOS rescue (lighting/strobe), digital product charging, vehicle-mounted products and other charging power supplies, auto repair shops, 4S repair stations, and home emergency lights , rescue and other emergency start-up power supply.

1. Battery capacity: 13000mAh (48.1mh), which can start the vehicle about 20 times in a row; support 5.0L gasoline vehicles, start with electricity within 12V/5.0L displacement; support 2.0L diesel vehicles, start with electricity within 12V/2.0L .
2. Fashionable shape: classic red and black color matching, simple and elegant, exquisite and small, products with both practicality and fashionable appearance.
3.2 USB outputs, support 4 times of charging for iPhone11 mobile phones.
4. Complete functions: rich interfaces and more functions, starting the car, charging digital products, charging car products, lighting/SOS rescue.
5.10 major intelligent protection and safe battery life: anti-short circuit protection, anti-voltage protection, anti-overcharge protection, anti-overcurrent protection, extreme low power consumption protection, anti-over-temperature protection, anti-over-discharge protection, anti-reverse connection protection, anti-reverse charge protection , AI software protection.

1. Capacity: 13000mAh (48.1Wh).
2.. Input: 5V/1A; fast charge (5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A) USB-C (5V/3A) 15V/10A 12V car boot.
3. Input: USB-C (5V/3A).
4. Peak current: 300A.
5. Temperature range: -20°C-60°C.

Single product size: 175*89*36mm
Single product weight: 480g
Carton size: 460*80*180mm
Gross packing weight: 10.6Kg
Packing Quantity: 10 Pieces

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