M8 X 1.25mm Metric Thread Repair Insert Kit Car Pro Coil Tool



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-100% brand new quality and high quality

-It is made of precision stainless steel wire with high strength, wear resistance and durability. Due to the elasticity of metal wire insert, the connection strength and fatigue resistance are improved

-The kit includes not only wire thread inserts, but also twist drills, spanners, taps and pin breaking tools to meet most of your maintenance needs

-Excellent choice for repairing steel, iron, aluminum and any metal threads that have peeled, crossed or damaged

-Drill holes remove damaged threads with a standard drill bit (no pre drilling is required if special spark plug taps are used when repairing spark plug threads), please note that larger holes are required for slotted taps

-Check whether the thread and pitch of tap and bolt match, and then operate

-Use a special tap to cut the fixed thread into the removed hole (suitable cutting oil is recommended)

-Install the insert, place the insert on the installation tool and position the adjustable ring so that the Insert tab is centered on the tongue slot. Press the insert down slightly until it rotates half a turn below the surface. Do not work against the thread direction as the shank may break

-After the tangs are removed, lift up the mounting tool and use the shank break tool to remove the shank. For larger sizes and spark plug taps, use pointed nose pliers to remove the tabs. Because of the narrow and precise tolerances, new threads are usually stronger than the original ones

Usage method:

-1. Drill out damaged threads with correct size drill (provided)

-2. Use the tap provided to drill again

-3. Install the rolled insert into the applicator

-4. Screw the coil into the casting

-5. Use the lug break tool to disconnect the label on the insert. The thread has been repaired and can be used


-Product Name: M8 thread tap repair tool 30pcs

-Color: Red

-Material: precision stainless steel

-Screw specification: M8x1.25mm

The packaging materials include:

-25x threaded insert

-1 x lifting lug breaking tool

-1 x installation tool

-1 x wrench

-1 x tap

-1 x drill bit

Additional information

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