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Electric Dog Nail Grinder USB Charging Cats Nail Trimmer Polisher Low Noise Nail Clipper For Dogs Grooming Tool

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Electric Pet Nail Grinder Dog Nail Clipper USB Charging Ultra Quiet Cat Claw Trimmer Polisher Pets Grooming Tool


Charging time:2 hours Running time:3 hours Input:AC100V-240V 50HZ/60HZ Charging mode: USB charging


– Revolutionary nail trimmer for your dog or cat. It’s the newest and fastest way to keep your pet’s nail trim rounded and smooth with no mess!

– If your pets are terrified of nail trimming, then we’ve got you covered. Precisely trim their nails round and smooth, no more worries about over cutting, nasty pains or bleeding. Leave your pet’s paws touchably soft and your home safe from scratches.

– Equipped with a mute brass shaft and unique mute technology that’s still powerful enough to gently remove thin layers of nail. Sensitive dogs will not get scared any longer, making your nail trimming work easier!

– You can now save your money on going to the vet or groomer. Simply make one purchase and you can easily do it yourself, low risk involved.

– Grinding stone can be easily removed for cleaning. Simply rub on the surface with soft towel and tissue, so that it will remain as effective as ever.

– The Pet’s Nail Grinder comes with three size openings to suit different sized nail. Choose a suitable one according to the size and characteristics of your pet’s nail.

Package Content:

1 x Electric Dog Nail Grinder
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual


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Electric Pet Nail Grinder

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Dog Nail Polisher

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Cat Claw Trimmer

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Pets Grooming Tool


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