Bear ZDQ-B05C1 Rapid Multi-function Egg Cooker with Auto Shut Off, for Boiling, Steaming and Frying, with Ceramic Steaming Rack and Lid



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1. 6 major functions, which can heat food, vegetable puree, custard, boiled egg, steamed grains, heat preservation, steaming, cooking and frying

2. Ceramic material is preferred, no odor, hygienic, and safe to use

3. One-button frying function, one-stop solution to delicious breakfast, non-stick baking tray, easier to clean

4. 9.5-hour appointment schedule, cooking is not restricted, and enjoy the beautiful taste freely

5. Microcomputer control, easy operation, children and the elderly can easily get started

6. Anti-dry burning protection, water burning automatically trips, safer to use

7. US standard voltage 120V, free shipping to 48 US states

Tips: The egg cooker does not include the small bowl in the details page!

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