Aquacubic White Finish Reversible single bowl Ceramic Farmhouse Apron Front Kitchen Sink with Bottom Grid and Basket Strainer



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Easy to Clean: Ceramic sinks are usually fitted into kitchen counters seamlessly. There’s little space for dirt and grime to accumulate and their glazed surface makes it hard for stains to seep deep into the sink surface.

Healthy Life: The materials and firing process used to create ceramic sinks can have a drastic effect on their durability. High fire clays and glazes that are heated to over 1200 °C (2200 °F) have very high resistance to fading, staining, burning, and scratching. They also prove tough against acids.

Extra Deep White Farmhouse kitchen sink : Width 24 in x Depth 18 in x Height 10 in

Reversible Design: This farmhouse sink can be installed on both sides.Both front and side can be installed! You can decide how you want to install based on your style preference.

Ceramic sinks are made using a blend of clays, fillers, and fluxes that are mixed and fused together during the firing process. Due to the firing process and the natural materials used, no two ceramic sinks are ever 100% the same.


White Finish Reversible single bowl Ceramic Farmhouse Apron Front Kitchen Sink

24″ x 18″ x 10″ Kitchen Sink

Perfect for medium to small households, the ceramic series from AQUACUBIC is the best single bowl white kitchen sink. The single bowl is the best features of this sink because of its well-rounded corners. When you install a sink, you might not spend too much time thinking about the cleaning aspect.

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24*18*10 inch, 33*20*10 inch