8 Tons 2 Layer Heavy Duty Car Recovery Tow Rope Strap w/ Hooks 20FT Towing Cable



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Car Tow Rope Cable Towing Strap Hooks
1.A must item for drivers when they get stuck in the mud, sand or snow.
2.It can help to tow your beloved car away from the place where it breaks down.
3.The Yellow color makes it safer while being used at night.
4.The steel hooks with safety latch can prevent it from falling off the car and make it easier to take off or put on.
5.Precision Machined Steel Bolts.
6.Allows Quick And Safe Removal Or Installation Of Springs/Shocks While Repairing Struts.


Material: Heavy-duty polyester strap + 2 steel hooks
Color: Yellow, Orange
Length: 6M, 3M
Capacity: 8 Tons, 6 Tons, 3 Tons
Used: To rescue stuck or disabled vehicles

Operating Instructions
1. Attach only to a vehicle frame or hitch strong enough for extreme towing stress by forming a loop around the frame by passing one end loop through the other.
Or attach to tractor hitch pin or frame-mounted tow hook. Be careful of sharp edges. Cover strap with a rag if necessary.
2. Drive slowly away from the stuck vehicle until the strap stops stretching. The strap will recoil and free the stuck vehicle. Use extreme caution and stand clear.
3. To reduce potential whipping, lay blanket or coat over the strap after vehicle attachment. Remember, if the strap is overloaded or improperly fastened, it could snap loose like a rubber band and cause injury.
4. At stop or when slowing down, keep tension on the strap to avoid abrasion from the road surface.

Package Included:

1 x Tow Strap

Additional information

Weight 0.7054792389916082 kg
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6 Tons 6M, 3 Tons 3M, 8 Tons 6M

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