60 Grit Flap Discs 4 1/2 inch Flap Wheel Type 29 Flap Sanding Disc with 7/8 Arbor Aluminum Oxide Abrasives for Grinding, Blending, Sanding and Finishing – 10 Packs



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55% Increase in Grinding Efficiency – the surface of the 4 1/2 flap disc is equipped with a heat-resistant and anti-stick coating, and the high-strength aluminum oxide raw material which improve the grinding efficiency by 55% while ensuring the smooth surface of the material.

T29 15°Design, widely used – Our Angle Grinder Sanding Disc adopts T29-15° design, which is suitable for fine grinding of flat, curved, chamfered and concave-convex surfaces. The thick cloth base and high-tenacity cotton lining make the sanding discs more flexible, can be reached an excellent polish

Thickened Glass Fiber Mesh Cover – The glass fiber mesh cover design of our grinding wheels is combined BASF (resin adhesive),it is more wear-resistant than an ordinary plastic mesh cover so that the service life is increased by 2 times. The blade knob is made of PE which will not break even at 1350

Prevent Thermal Burns – In the grinding process, the temperature of general flapper disc is too high, it is easy to burn the metal and make the metal discolor, which will reduce the hardness and toughness of the metal. The patented ratio of PEGATEC flap disc enhances heat dissipation and avoids ther

Multi-Purpose Sanding Discs – Grinder sanding discs is designed to grind various materials,can be used for metal or wood processing,concrete grinding or finishing,stone smoothing or finishing,rust removal,welding mixing,deburring or deburring,etc. suitable for angle grinders with 7/8 arbor.


You always lack of one cost-effective product in your warehouse

Contrasted with other competitors’ products. PEGASTAR is very sharp in using.

After polishing, according to different grit size, the surface of workpiece can achieve different gloss effect.

Especially after welding, the welding joint is very durable.

These prove that PEGASTAR is excellent in ordinary metal processing. Simple and durable.

PEGATEC calcine flap disc +20% performance.

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