16 Inch Electric Radiator Cooling Fan 12V 120W 10 Blades Car Thermostat Kit w/ Mounting Kit



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High Torque Motor



**Universal Reversible Cooling Fan*:This 10-piece curved blade type 16-inch electric radiator cooling fan is reversible.
**Powerful Performance*:It provides high performance with 12 Volts and 3000 CFM. The heavy-duty thermostat comes on at 200° and turns off at 180°.
**High Torque Motor*:Features sealed ball bearing and fully balanced blades that ensure low noise levels and long life of smooth operation.
**Function of Electric Fan*:Electric fans keep your engine cool,and improve the horsepower and torque at the wheels by eliminating the parasitic drag of the stock belt-driven fan.
**What Your Get*:1x Thread-in Thermostat,1 x Adapter,1x Wiring Harness w/ Mount,1x 40 Amp Relay,1x 30 Amp Circuit Breaker,3x Small Ring Terminals,1x Large Ring Terminal,1x Harness Mounting Screw,2x Butt Connectors,2x Sheet Metal Screws,1x Female Connector. Just as pictures show.

Product Name: 16 Inch Electric Radiator Cooling Fan
Power: 120W
Working Voltage: 12V
Blade Quantity: 10 Blades
Available Color: Black
Item Size: 16.38 x 16.38 x 2.5inch
Item Weight: 4.6lbs
*Package Lists*:

1x Thread-in Thermostat
1 x Adapter
1x Wiring Harness w/ Mount
1x Relay
1x Circuit Breaker
3x Small Ring Terminals
1x Large Ring Terminal
1x Harness Mounting Screw
2x Butt Connectors
2x Sheet Metal Screws
1x Female Connector

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